Each life has a story to tell.  Painting has become the voice to share my story.  After surviving a life threatening automobile accident that took years of therapy to recover both my cognitive and physical functions, I discovered my innate, artistic talent through painting.  It became part of my healing process.  Though I had a long standing career in the field of  public health, this catastrophic event showed me the connection between creativity and personal health.  I now embrace this newly discovered passion in a more committed way.   


  For me, the process of creating has at its core, the use of vibrant color.  Color represents life in its fullness, thus I use it liberally and intensely.  In my experience, life is not a neat package of black and white but rather filled with colorful moments that transform, alter and often forever change who we are.  Consequently, vivid color combinations are the hallmark of my dramatic works. 

 As a self-taught artist, I have given my emotions a clear voice, allowing pain and physical brokenness to be articulated through beauty.  My passion for creativity, which was first a means of personal survival, has now become a voice of hope for broader audiences. 

 My abstract works have been shown in numerous galleries and public settings including: New York City, Cincinnati, Chicago, Providence, Atlanta and Detroit.  I have also been a finalist in Art Design Consultant's Art Comes Alive national juried event based in Cincinnati, OH.  I regularly host  private showings in my studio located in Cincinnati.